So I watched this gnarly movie with hubby the other day. And I must admit, I watched the whole thing with my mouth open in utter disbelief. Then I made two of my friends watch the movie, too.  I mean, I’ve always laughed at the stigma of being whisky tango, but, well, I’ve never seen anything documented so realistically.  It was crazy.  Literally.  Each and every person in that family is certifiably bat shit crazy.  It makes me so glad that I am not like that.  Like any of that.  Oh, sure, I have my moments of crazy, but NOTHING like that.  But watching that made me so grateful that I have so much in my life.

I have the most amazing friends a girl could ever want.  I don’t know where I would be without them.  Each and every one is so very dear to me.  It’s also amazing that when the shit hits the fan, like it recently did, to see who will stand up and be my friend.  I just needed a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent in and arms to be hugged with.  And I was met with so much love.  And that’s really all I ask for from my friends.  Love.  Compassion.  Kindness.  It’s funny that the same day that I posted this “True friends don’t care if you’re broke, you’re slightly mental at times, you can’t keep a secret, your house is a mess, or your family is filled with crazies…they love you for who you are. A true friend can go long periods of time without speaking and never question their friendship. REPOST if you are lucky enough …to have at least one true friend ” on facebook, I ended up needing my friends the most. I am so thankful to have friends who are there for me.  Friends who are true and honest.  But while I don’t want fluff and sugar-coating, I also don’t want tough love.  I have had more than enough tough love to last a lifetime.

I am blessed to have two loving cats.  Oh sure, that might sound silly to think I am blessed with having loving animals, but they love me unconditionally.  They just know when things are bad and when I need extra love.  They watch over Bunny, which I know sounds odd, but they do.  They treat her like a little sister.  I love that they know when I need extra comfort.  I love that they cuddle up with me like no one else.  I love that Sawyer will sleep on my head and Atticus will sleep under the covers with me at night.

I am so glad that I am a smart, educated woman.  I am glad that I worked and had a career for a good 10 years before I had Bunny.  I’m glad that if I had to go back to work, I could and would be able to demand a decent salary.  I am also so very glad that I have not had to back to work yet.  I believe my time has been better spent at home with her.  I also know that is not for everyone and that some of my friends are  better parents because they work and don’t stay home with their little ones.  But that is not the case for me, at least right now.  And if I do have to go to work, I hope to God it’s because I want to and not for any other reason.

I guess I like watching movies like that or shows like this to really make me realize what I DO have in life rather than focus on the things that I DON’T.  Watching things like that also make me realize what a strong person I really am and that I put up with a lot of crap.  One of my girlfriends once told me that I was really strong because I do so much on my own when it comes to raising Bunny and that I should be proud of myself.  And you know what?  I am proud.  Yes, I would LOVE for help some days, but I only want help if it comes willingly and not begrudgingly.  I think that also makes me a better mom.  I want to do everything in my power to make sure Bunny has a wonderful, warm and loving life.  And you know what?  I think I am already doing just that.