I have so many talented friends, really I do.  First, I have to say that I am so excited for my favorite jewelry lady, wendyb, who designed the Cleopatra earrings that Samantha is wearing in the new Sex and the City movie.  How cool is that?!  I have her darling squirrel necklace, which incidentally, I have been wearing for the past month or so along with a beautiful oak leaf necklace and a pair of darling crosses.  One day I really am going to send her the lonely diamond earring I have so that she can make a necklace out of it as it was part of a set and I lost one of them.  Anyhow, I just saw the preview on the television and recognized the fantastic earrings at once.

Next, my sweet friend, Natalie, designs the greatest shopping bags, among other delightful household goodies.  I have several of her bags and love, love, love them.  They are so delightfully handy and eco-friendly to boot! She also has some fun hand dyed ribbon which is just so much fun.

And then there are my photographer friends.  Ah, first there is Christina, who began just as our wedding photographer, then morphed into our family photographer and now is a wonderful friend.  And my other friend, Megan, does such amazing work, too.  And really, my list can go on and on.  I just love surrounding myself with creative people.  I love how several of my stay at home mom friends have also decided to become photographers, like my friend Marian.

I just feel so lucky to know all of these lovely ladies!!