Today has been a little bit of this and too much of that.  Bunny is in full on toddler mode which has been quite a lot for me these days.  And we’re potty training, which is a challenge in and of itself.  Today she peed on the bathroom floor, one of the cat’s hung his ass over the side of the litter box and shat on the floor, the other cat threw up twice on the living room carpet and well, the day is still not over.  Other random things happened but for the life of me, I cannot remember what they are.  I did cry for a while and that is new since I normally keep it together pretty well.  Oh, and I also sort of started my period again.  Yeah, TMI, but deal with it.  I haven’t had a period since October of 2008 and since I just stopped breastfeeding about 3 weeks ago, I’m up and running again.  sort of.  I have an IUD, so I only spot and don’t have the full on ass whooping deal that I used to.  Thank the jesus baby for that.  Anywho, I’m sure that had plenty to do with my emotional state as of late. aren’t you glad you asked?  oh wait.  you didn’t. carry on.

This weekend was a doozy as well with ups and downs.  But, hubby pulled a fast one and was amazing.  After an especially stressful day on Saturday, he handed me a bunch of cash and told me to go shopping.  WHEE!  I have not had new clothes since BEFORE I was pregnant.  So to say it was very much needed is the understatement of the year.  I had a thrilling time yesterday shopping until I couldn’t shop anymore.  Okay, that’s not entirely true.  Hubby did call since there was a MAJOR poop explosion, but I did get a good 4 hours by myself.  But when I got home hubby was fit to be tied as he doesn’t deal well with poop.  Apparently Bunny had shat her pull ups and he somehow managed to get it all over her and in her hair and she walked in it and it was on the carpet and so on and so forth and he freaked the fuck out and well, I laughed my ass off helped out as much as I could when I got home.  Still, we I managed to get it all cleaned up because for some reason that only God knows, he left the mess for me to clean up!  Yes, friends, he closed the door to her room with the shat all over for me to deal with.  Um…wot?!  At least he cleaned her up and threw her in the tub. So perhaps I will call this round of potty training PoopGate ’10.

Needless to say, I’ve been hitting the Diet Coke pretty hard today.  Hell, I don’t even know what number can I’m up to.  I’ve also had coffee.  Yeah, I should be sleeping mighty well tonight.  And I’m really craving a cheeseburger.  And not a McDonald’s burger, either.  No, a good old-fashioned restaurant burger.  mmmm.  But that will have to wait as I have no way of getting one now.

But now that things are quiet, Bunny is asleep, the kitties are curled up next to me life is good.  I just hope tomorrow won’t be as rough as the past few days have been.  Because sweet jesus.  I just don’t know how much more I can take.