I don’t know if I mentioned it here or not, but about 3 weeks ago, we decided to get come chickens.  HA.  (oh wait.  i did mention it.  and i also mentioned someone who thought we should get more so she could have some eggs.  but anyhow…)Hubby has been talking about getting chickens forever, so I never really believed him.  Until the other day when he came home with a coop and a run.  Yikes!  He sent Bunny and me down to the local feed store to see if there were any chickens and we were in luck!  They had a few there and I picked out 3 of them to come home and be our slaves be our pets.  We had thought about getting a few more, but after a few days, we came to our sense and decided to stick with what we’ve got so far.  Anyhow, they have grown so much since we got them.  They are no longer chicks, they are now pullets, but I guess is like a teenager.  Great.  Now we have to watch out for craziness, right?  HA.  Anyhow, Sawyer likes to sneak out and stalk them.  Oh, he’s harmless, to a point, and the chickens are pretty safe in their little set up.  I still keep a close eye on him just in case.

Speaking of Sawyer, just yesterday while he was hanging out in the garage, a bird had flow in and he was on the hunt.  Hubby was trying to help the bird out and was using a broom to help get him towards the door.  But, in his gallant effort, he accidentally swept the bird right into Sawyer’s waiting, open mouth.  EEK!  Bunny and I just happened to be watching and she said “Bye bye birdie”  um…how did she learn that?!  And with the bird firmly clamped in Sawyer’s mouth, he jumped down from where he was and ran into the house right into Bunny’s room!  Thankfully, hubby was able to get Sawyer to drop the bird and he scooped the bird up and took him outside.  The bird was a bit shocked, but wasn’t hurt and eventually flew away.

I swear.  It’s never boring around here!