I’m from strawberry shortcake dolls, from my little pony and Jem, who was truly, truly outrageous.  I’m from a big backyard, a Spanish style house, the kitchen that always had something strange cooking.

I’m from snapdragons, Redwood trees and ladybugs, sunbathing on the deck at the neighbors house, from catching caterpillars on tomato plants and watching for skybluepink sunsets.

I’m from coffee and cake in the afternoon, from stubborn and strong, from leery about others and giving the stink eye.  From silent treatments and always being on the wrong end of the argument.

I’m from church on Sunday, Midnight Mass at Christmas and going to Hell for my sins.  I’m from downtown LA and a tiny village in Germany, from many places in between.

From pflaumenkuchen, schnitzel, and red cabbage.  I’m from head cheese that really was neither from a head or made of cheese.

I’m from “you see, thing thing is” and refusing to ask for directions and always being right.  From “Well, if you like it” and the wooden spoon hearing aid.

I’m from laughter and candles on the lawn for my birthday.