So below is an email I got today from a family member.  I have changed names and places as not to give away any more than necessary.  But holy christ.  :


I am really earning my Grandma Badge this year…
> As most of you know, I came directly from xx to xxx for
> Thanksgiving.
> X’s Father had a triple by-pass last week and were unable to watch
> baby when X returned to work. She could not put this off as
> she would lose soooo many benefits, because she pushed her off time to
> the limit.
> They put baby in the same pre-school care as his sister. He did great,
> but he came down with a nasty cold and has not been feeling well all
> week. I was hoping I could have left xx in time to cover that shift,
> but it was not to be.
> This coupled with the preparation of Thanksgiving dinner at their house,
> (of which her Mother is usually able to help with, but couldn’t this
> year because of the Father’s surgery) and lack of sleep for X, made
> her have a melt down. She went to the doctor and they gave her “happy”
> pills. She is doing much better now.
> X showed me all the recipes and they were easy to follow and tasted
> delicious. XX did the Turkey, and X’s brother and sister-in-law
> made some of the dishes as well. We sat down right on time to a
> delicious dinner and had so much to be Thankful for 🙂
> On Friday, with my urging, they took baby to the doctor as he was now
> running a fever. The results came back this morning that it is
> pneumonia. Since we caught it early, it a mild case and they are
> treating it with only antibiotics.
> The stresses:
> Her Dad’s surgery
> No Mom to baby sit and they have NEVER left him with anyone else
> baby being sick (now pneumonia)
> No sleep
> Having her mother-in-law stay with them (that would be me)
> Thanksgiving dinner for her family (mom, dad, brother and wife and ME of
> course)
> And there are still two more coming up. XX has to travel to Phoenix
> for work in less than two weeks for a couple of days. She has to get
> both kids out the door by 7:00 and to day care. She cannot be late to
> her classroom, so it is weighing on her as well.
> Then her Dad is due for another surgery on his Carotid Artery.
> After that things should be better.
> I will be home on Dec. 1.
> Hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day.


I would DIE if my mother in law sent out an email like this to everyone.  Hell, I would die if ANYONE sent out an email like this about me. I mean, yes, the person who the email is in reference to is a nut and I have secretly been waiting for her to crack, but  holy hell.  It’s no ones business that it happened.  And seriously, the stuff she has to deal with is nothing.  Sure, I am judging, but I know this person and she is wound tighter that my hubby, and that is saying A LOT.  It was only a matter of time before she lost it.  BUT STILL.  I’m just so saddened by the email and that the person who sent it is so flipping insensitive.  damn relatives.