i don’t even know where to begin.  i reactivated my fb account, though i’m still on the fence about it.  i am not engaging the the chat option, as i only really want to talk to a small handful of people and it’s normally the people who i DON’T want to talk to who are online at any given time.  i’m also not really commenting on things anymore or on friend’s walls.  i don’t know why, but i’m just not feeling it so much anymore.  i am really surprised by the amount of people who contacted me when i deactivated, asking me to come back.  i just feel like i am popular on facebook, but just notsomuch in my real life.  i mean, i won’t post what is really going on, as it’s just TOO out there for the world to see, but i don’t feel that i have people to talk to in my daily life about the stuff that i NEED to talk about.  sigh.

like, today, bunny has been in an inconsolable mood.  we had to cancel a trip to the zoo and stay home for much of the day as she was a force to be reckoned with.  she took a nap and had the WORST tantrum i have ever seen when she woke up.  she was even fiercely pulling at her hair.  i had no idea what to do.  i tried holding her, ignoring her, loving her…everything and nothing worked.  i finally walked outside to get the mail and she calmed down.  but it was after about 20 minutes of serious tantrum throwing.

but the day even started out rough.  before 8:30, i had already had 2 cups of FULL coffee spilled; one on the floor and an end table in the living room and the other in bunny’s room.  then there was a huge poo disaster which resulted in a pair of panties — no, not mine — being throw out and bunny being put in a long bubble bath.

then there are all my daily things to tend to.  no, my life is not hard, per say, just today is difficult and i wish there was someone i could just call and vent to.  someone who would listen and wouldn’t judge or tell me what to do.  just someone to be kind and understanding.  even if i am wrong.

also, it’s sort of weird how many people just lurk on fb.  yes, i admit, i lurk, but i used to comment all the time so people knew i was lurking.  sure, pictures are nice, but gee, would it be that hard for you to say something sometime?!  sigh.

i need something cold to drink.