So yesterday after surprisingly little deliberation, I deleted — or deactivated — my Facebook account.  I had been spending way too much time with that Dallas Fort Worth (Dirty Filthy Whore).  I spend hours on it.  Daily.  It was sick.  I think I was just craving social interaction, but I would leave feeling cranky and disjointed more times than not.  Sure, it was great to connect with people, but honestly, the people who I talk to on a daily/weekly/monthly basis are more important to me than the random friends on FB.  Sure, I know each and every person on my friends list, but it’s just not the same as real interaction.  I mean, I honestly have to say I really don’t care how many times someone has worked out or what they made for dinner.  Thankfully I had very little drama but I was just over it.  It just felt like I was too out there.  I mean, I had posted about changes being on the horizon and that hubby got a new job.  Well, a girl that I know told her husband, who then called hubby to congratulate him on the job.  It was just a little too much.  I mean, I know I had posted about it, but it really hit home just how many people have access to stuff.  Sure, I know all of them, but well, I guess since people just lurk, you never know who takes in what information and who will use it.  Sure, most of what I post is rather innocuous, but well, it’s just best for me to stay off for a while.

Plus, it was getting to the point where Bunny would say ‘no more puter, mama’ and that was just no good.  I mean, seriously.  She had to tell me to get off?  That’s just bad.  Clearly, I need to interact with her more.  So, I sent an email out to my friends saying I was no longer on FB.  I got mostly positive responses.  It was nice that someone said I shouldn’t stop since my posts are rather funny, but I do need to at least take a break for a while.  Though one person, a former sponsor, said “we are very addictive people.  it’s all about balance, which takes practice.”  um really?  Gee.  Thanks for the support.  And another friend berated me for letting hubby seemingly dictate what I did, which wasn’t the case at all.  He only asked that I take down the post regarding his job, not delete my account.  But whatever.  I’m glad to be off for now.  Even if I still am twitching a little.

I also changed my yahoo chat ID, which started one of my friends.  I had created the previous id about 7 years ago, before I got married and it was a rather silly name, so I decided it was time for a change.  I guess I am just getting a jumpstart on the upcoming year and starting my changes now.  Nothing is forever, so who knows when I will be back on FB.  But for now, it’s just best that I am off.