Well, to be honest, and as a few of you probably know or at least have surmised, I would like at some point to be published.  I mean really published, in a real magazine or publication.  Not just on some random internet site (which I’ve done) and not in some local newsletter (which I have also done) but in something really recognized.  It doesn’t have to be national, though that would be great, but just something with a readership of more than, say 100.

I know this means I would actually have to SUBMIT something, but all in good time.  I have begun writing again, so I’m hoping that will at least lead me in the right direction.  I love to edit and am a self proclaimed grammar nazi.  Now, I never said I could spell, so please don’t hold THAT against me.  Anyhow, that is most definitely something I hope to do in my life.