This is hard.  Sure, I have resentments, but nothing that is so overpowering that I cannot sleep.  Or that bothers me so immensely.

I guess I could say I forgive my mother for being a bitter old German woman.  I forgive her for the way she treats me, the way she talks to me and the way she always stares at me in disapproval.  But I know that deep down, she loves me and wants what is best for me.  I guess I could say I forgive my MIL for being a cow and so nasty, mean and selfish all the time.  I guess I could forgive my previous sponsor for being so belittling and condescending and making me feel small.

But I don’t really know if that stuff warrants forgiveness per say, or if those are just things I need to get over and get past.

No one has done anything terribly wrong to me.  I mean, sure, my heart was torn out and stomped on my a college boyfriend, but I don’t need to forgive him for that.  With time, I eventually got over it.  I’ve never really stopped talking to anyone because of a fight, more because we grew apart.   But that’s not something that needs forgiveness.

So I guess I’m just stumped on this one.  Perhaps more will be revealed later.