gaaa.  i want to scream, but bunny is asleep.  and my head kinda hurts.  so i will vent here.

so there is this gal that i cannot stand on fb.  you may ask why she is my friend, and i honestly have no idea.  i mean, i went to hs with her and knew her sister who was HORRIBLE and for some reason, i friended her.  anyhow, she in nothing but constantly negative and NASTY.  i had enough yesterday and ‘hid’ her so i won’t have to see her posting anymore.  however, i guess i am a glutton for punishment as i just checked out her wall for some fodder.  and fodder i found.  she just commented on a link at bergdorf goodman.  she had the gall to correct the fashion GIANT on THEIR post.  they posted about a fabulous resort collection by the fantastic oscar de la renta and she said “i believe that is called resort WEAR”.  um.  no.  no it’s not.  it’s his COLLECTION.  gaaaa.  i  know it shouldn’t bother me, but jesus fucking christ.  sure, it may be resort wear, but it is a COLLECTION of resort wear.  obviously she has never been to a fashion show.  they show their COLLECTIONS there.  sigh.  she just bugs the ever living shit out of me.

okay.  end rant.  for now.