so we had our second therapy session last night.  i was on the verge of tears a few times, which i know our therapist noticed, but i doubt hubby did.  but i didn’t do them to get a reaction from either of them.  more was said and i do feel better.  i had a sitter for bunny and had asked her to stay long enough for hubby and me to go to dinner afterward.  he seemed a bit irritated when i said no to the take and bake pizza place and insisted on a regular restaurant.  but he surprised me but suggesting a place we hadn’t gone in forever — once with cloth napkins and tablecloths.  it was such a treat.  anyhow, he said he wasn’t too big on the session as he didn’t have much he could ‘take away’.  he’s entirely too black and white.  sigh.  but i pointed out a few things and i think that helped a bit.  but, he did say he would keep going since i was so into it.  mini steps.  that’s all i ask.

he then laid into me on how i need to get over my mother  and his mother.  i know i do.  it’s just too damn hard.  they are such difficult women.  ugh.  and when we got home, there was a note from his mother saying she wanted to get a carseat this week and take bunny on a playdate next weekend.  um…i’m not so sure about that.  first, she has not been with bunny for more than, oh, 3 hours, and it has either been at our house or hers.  she acutally suggested the beach, an hour away.  right away i told hubby no.  he said he didn’t care either way, but wanted to know my reasoning.  so, i said, it’s a long, dangerous windy road and i’m not comfortable with ANYONE taking bunny that far away from me yet.  if they want to take her somewhere in town, fine.  but no leaving town.  besides, they struggle getting her strapped into her stroller, so how in the hell will they be able to figure out a carseat AND a stroller an hour away?  AND what if something happens?  yeah.  bad idea all around.  thankfully he said he would support my decision.  She is only 2, after all.

and speaking of being 2, i toured another preschool yesterday and fell in LOVE with it.  i can’t believe it.  and hubby agreed.  we’re going to start sending her in february, which frightens me, but i know it will be so good for her.  she could start now, but I am not ready for that.  ha.  so we will wait until she is 2 1/2.  it’s going to be quite the adjustment for me as it will be 4 days a week!!  at first i was very leery, but after touring the school, i just KNEW it would be the right fit for bunny and that she will just absolutely thrive there.

and i’ve decided to start writing again.  yes, i know, i’ve said that before.  but i’m doing more than just journaling here.  i want to write prose again.  i am even tempted to sign up for some writing workshops.  eeee!