Yes, it has been forever and a day or maybe even two, since I have written.  So many times I have meant to write, yet the worlds have failed me.  I have so much running around in my head these days and so often that I can’t seem to put them down.  Even right now I have so many thought just crashing into themselves that I have no idea how they will all make it on this page.  I guess the best way to control my mind is to paraphrase somewhat.  So here’s what’s been going on:

Early Prevention means just that.  EARLY.  Four years old is NOT early.  It is lazy parenting to not realize your kid is not where he should be.  Not potty trained?  Doesn’t dress himself?  Will only drink out of a sippy cup?  Seriously?  Sure, I understand helping your kid get dressed or with other things, but doing it FOR him because you think he is taking too long or you are feeling rushed?  Not okay.  And WTF do you do all day besides sit on Facebook?

So, you’re exercising.  Good.  You need to.  But still eating at Barf Bear, er..Black Bea, all the time and loading up on gross, processed foods is not helping.  You NEED to change your diet as well as your exercise habits.  And really.  I bet if you started eating better you would FEEL better.  And not only would you loose weight, but I bet your skin would clear up and your emotions would get in check as well.  And maybe your headaches would also go away.  Or at least happen less frequently.

I’ve recently reunited with a few friends from my past and it’s been so great to be back in touch.  And crazy, too.  I found out a friend I have known since kindergarden is also adopted.  I seriously had NO idea and we were like, super good friends.  It’s wild.  AND I think now we’re BOTH going to look for our bio moms.  Wow.  Nuts.

As much as Hubby and I have our difficulties, we still have a lot of goodness as well.  And I have to say, I will NEVER let him dictate my life like some people I know.  I mean, really.  Not being allowed to do things is just silly.  Not being allowed to have a Facebook account?  Really?  For fear of cheating?  Because of something you read?  geesh.  You don’t have to friend people you don’t know, or even like.  Not everyone is out to get you just because your spouse says so.  And not every single person wants to have an affair.  Just because someone is married doesn’t make them safe, either.

For the love of all things girlie.  Please do something about your nasty ass feet.  Lotion.  Lotion is all you need.  Okay, not ALL, but it’s a start.  Your feet are nastier than an elephant.  And you wear flip flops all the time.  It doesn’t take much to maintain your feet.  Hell, it doesn’t even cost much.  And for all the fashion crap you wear, you would think you would pay attention to your feet.

ah.  Daddy woke up Bunny.  well, that’s all she wrote for now…