I like to think of my self as not snobby.  I’m pretty easy going and don’t judge.  much.  And while I think money does play a part in happiness, like being able to afford things without totally stressing over them, I don’t think having money is the end-all-be-all to happiness.  It just helps with the comforts of life.  But, you can be totally happy without having money.  Or a lot of money.  Many of the people I know who are less fortunate are the kindest, happiest people I know whereas the people who have money, are not as happy.  Especially the ones who are constantly trying to keep up with the dreaded Joneses.

That all being said, there are certain things that I am quite the snob about.  Here are a few things:

Walmart.  I do not shop there.  Yes, I have tried several times.  Once in Kansas and a few times where I live now.  I cannot stand Walmart.  It attracts an unsavory kind of person that is well, trashy.  And the company itself is pretty bad.  Sure, they have low prices, but they really aren’t THAT much lower than say, Target. And have you seen the people of Walmart ?  It’s not just from one store.  I’m just sayin.

Hair care products.  Oh, I have tried the cheap stuff.  But you can totally tell the difference.  Well, at least I can.  Yeah, some of the stuff makes my hair SUPER soft, but it’s all the extra stuff they add.  It’s not natural healthy hair, it’s chemicals.  I totally will pay more for good stuff that doesn’t make my hair feel weird.  I love, love love Bumble and bumble, but it tends to be pricey, so I used Aveda on a daily basis and save the B&b for special occasions.  But, pretty much all of my styling products are B&b.

Children’s personal care products.  I am totally on the organic bandwagon on this.  I use only the good stuff on Bunny.  No nasty chemicals ovah here.  Johnson & Johnson products are JAM PACKED with nasty stuff, as is their subsidiary, Aveno.  They just have nastiness in them.  I stick with California Baby for her products.  I just feel better knowing she’s got good stuff on her than nasty chemicals that can do damage later in life.  Sure, we all survived, but new things are coming out.  Like eye problems and infertility.  No thanks.  And really, it’s not that much for for these products, so I don’t mind the additional cost.

kate spade.  Yes, I am a handbag snob.  BUT I totally buy cool bags that are not name brand.  However, I WILL NOT buy a fake.  It’s just something I won’t do.  If I can’t afford it, I won’t carry it.  That pretty much goes for any designer.  I’m all about things looking like the real thing, but if they have a label claiming to be the real deal, they just better be.

Good food.  Oh yeah, I can eat pretty junky at times, especially when there is a McDonald’s nearby.  But for the most part, we eat pretty healthy.  I am so tired of people saying they can’t loose weight and they eat like absolute crap.  Now, I’m not saying go vegan or anything crazy like that, but good lord.  All in moderation.  Whole grains are good for you and quite tasty, too.  So are fruits and veggies.  And I’m not saying to NEVER eat sugar, just maybe watch how much.  You don’t need a six pack of diet coke every freaking day.  And BTW, I love diet coke.  Just not that much daily.

Grammar.  yes, grammar.  I cannot stand it when people KNOWINGLY use the wrong grammar.  Seriously.  It just makes them look dumb.  And uneducated.  It grates on me like nothing else.  And there is no joking about it with me, either.  Sure, if it’s in context, then i’m all for it.  Totally for it, in fact.  HOWEVER, it kills me when people use words like they’re, their and there wrong.  Or it’s and its.  And what about you’re and your.  UGH.

I know there are other things on my list of things I am snobby about, but these are the most important.

What about you?  What are YOU snobby about?