ugh.  i woke up SO cranky today.  I just hate that.  I had the most bizarre dream, so that may be the reason.  That and the never ending crappy weather.  It’s the end of May and we STILL have rain.  It SUCKS.  And we had to cancel our weekend getaway plans for Memorial Day weekend, too.  le sigh.  We WERE going to head up to the Sierras where Hubby’s family has a cabin, but there is way too much snow.  So much, in fact, that the front door of the cabin is still under snow.  And the spicket to turn on the water is under tons of snow, so there’s that, too.  So needless to say, we’re not going.  sigh.  But, we will take a day trip or two instead, so that will be good.  Maybe the sun will come out by then.

My FB stalker seems to have simmered down a bit, but perhaps that because I haven’t been posting as much.  And I try to stay off of chat, since she is ALWAYS on it, but that’s the only way I get to chat with some of my other friends.  Oh well.  I know, things could be worse, right?!  Like right now she *thinks* she might be pregnant, but doesn’t want to take a test just yet.  Then she spouts off some lame medical jargon, or what she *thinks* is medical jargon because she was a chiropractor years ago and like, I’m some lame person who doesn’t know things.  UGH.  Also, when I asked her why she thinks she might be pregnant, she went to this whole diatribe about her IUD, like I don’t know what those are.  ANYHOW…

Bunny is now in a naked phase, which would be okay if it wasn’t so freaking cold.  I seriously have to turn the heater on because she will not wear clothes.  And potty training?  sigh.  She has had a few more accidents and well, hasn’t gone on the potty yet.  BUT today when I told her — and showed her the goods — that she would get chocolate if she pee’d or poo’d in the potty, she got excited.  Still nothing yet, but that’s okay…right?!

Have I mentioned that this weather is driving me bat shit crazy?  UGH.  I am SO OVER it.  I’m going on a girls only rafting trip in a couple of weeks and it BETTER be nice then.  It’s going to be all Dallas Fort Worth.  Oh, that’s right, my darling white bear, DFW.  oot oot!

Bunny took a super long nap today, which allowed ME to take a super long nap as well.  Then she played in her room for an hour~!  I finally went and got her 4 hours later!  whoot.  I just missed her.  We ran errands in the rain, which was actually pretty fun.  She was a little maniac since she hasn’t really been outside in a while because of the crappy weather. Have I mentioned how sucky it has been?!

Finally, tonight I decided to go to a women’s meeting.  I normally abhor going, but I figured it’d give it yet another chance.  The speaker was a gal who normally bugs the crap out of me, and well, she still does.  But other than her, it was okay.  I even picked up a new  sponcee.  So, we’ll see how that goes.  She’s supposed to call me tomorrow and we’ll go from there.  I also went to dinner with some gals from the meeting.  It was um..interesting.  One gal has been getting on my nerves recently, but the other two were good.  The one gal called me a snob because I don’t like koa campgrounds.  Geesh.  Just because I don’t like tent camping at a campground that caters to motor homes does not mean I’m a camping snob.  But I suppose I could be called a snob for worse reasons.