It’s been a little bit since I posted, so here are some updates:

Bunny is in full on toddler mode and is  The fits are what really have me over the edge.  But, I know it’s what she’s supposed to be doing for her age, but still.  Good  LORD.  I think yesterday was by far the worst day yet.  It’s just the temper tantrums.  And the whining. And the constant indecisiveness.  UGH.

Went to a spa night last night hosted by the mother’s club that I am a member of.  It was at a local posh hotel and we got to lounge around the hot tubs and be loverly ladies and not mommies.  I, of course, had to say some highly inappropriate things that made for awkward silences and crickets chirping.  Which, in hindsight, really makes me realize what a FOOL I was when I was out drinking as I would never have stopped with the lame remarks.  Thankfully, I only made a slight fool out of myself twice last night.  But it was a bit eye opening and it also made me realize that I REALLY need some time out away from hubby and bunny more often.  With actual adults in actual adult settings.  Thank god I at least have my book club once a month.  But clearly, that is not enough.

Went home last weekend and it was a great, albeit short, visit.  This time I didn’t make any plans and just let things fall into place.  Normally I plan to see a ton of people and feel wiped out by the end.  This time it was more mellow and relaxing.  And the best part of my whole weekend was a trip to Nordstroms for a bra fitting.  Oh yes.  It was such a joy.  Friends have told me how great it is to finally have a bra that fits you properly and well, they were RIGHT.  It is amazing.  And I was TOTALLY wearing the wrong size.  Yeah, I was wearing a 32B when I should have been wearing a 30DD!  WTF?!  Or I can wear a 32D.  Wow.  I mean, I knew I was big but holy cow, batman.  I was totally checking out the other gals at the spa night last night to see how I sized up, and yep.  I was SO MUCH larger than the rest of ’em.  But man.  Does a well fitting bra make ALL the difference in the world!

I still maintain that I have the bestest most awesomest friends on the planet.  And I love that I have friends everywhere.  Yes, sometimes it’s sad that I don’t have a lot of friends where I live, then I realized, who am I kidding?!  I have tons of friends here.  I just need to get out of my head sometimes and realize that.  Being in my head for too long is a bad place to be.  Thankfully, I don’t get stuck there that often anymore.

I have a stalker of sorts on FB and it is driving me INSANE.  INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!  INSANE IN THE BRAIN!  uh..sorry.  But seriously.  I have a friend who finds the need to post on EVERY SINGLE STATUS or pretty much every photo or at least like every comment or link that I post.  And they aren’t always nice comments, either.  It’s is tres annoying, to say the least.